Climb Out of the Dark Night

A Dark Night of the Soul happens when you've hit a limit in your current life path, or have lost your sense of alignment with Spirit.
Spiritual Coaching Challenge

Have you Been Knocked Out of Alignment?

✔️ Feeling spacey, or in a state of limbo

✔️ Struggling to connect with Spirit

✔️ A sense that something "big" is coming but you don't know what

✔️ An indescribable state of dread that comes and goes

✔️ Having trouble understanding "what's next"

✔️ Constantly flowing from restlessness to uselessness

✔️ Feeling stuck

Spark Something New

Join this unique DIY coaching program by Spirit Dreams as Lisa Berry, M.S. guides you through 15 days of self-exploration.

✔️ Embrace the natural elements in everyday life

✔️ Connect with your Inner Being

✔️ Listen to the Great Spirit

✔️ Define your core values, identify your turning points, and discover your soul's mission

✔️ Shadow Work exploration

✔️ Daily surprise tasks and activities

✔️ Downloadable worksheets

✔️ Guided audio meditations

Spiritual Coaching Challenge
Spiritual Coaching Challenge

Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Berry, M.S.

Lisa is a Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master Practitioner & Life Coach based in Northwest Indiana. She helps people transform their limiting beliefs and step into their truest power by being their genuine selves with a balanced, heart-centered approach to spiritual healing and personal growth.